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League Table Widget

The League Table javascript widget allows you to add the table for your favorite team to your website or Wordpress blog. The configurator is designed in a very simple way so it's a breeze to generate your custom html code. Embed the code in your website or blog posts and instantly increase your articles. The snippet will take over the styling of your website.

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Support for our JS football widgets

If you have questions about our javascript widgets, have feature requests, want to know about the newest widget first, have problems with the integration or just want to chat join our JS support channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Football Nation widget as a Wordpress plugin?
Yes, you can use the football widgets in your Wordpress blog or website. Just paste the code you generated above in the html of your website or blog post, save it and watch the widget work. You don't need to install a plugin from the Wordpress catalog.

Watch a Youtube video of adding HTML code to your Wordpress

Will the football widgets work in Wix websites?
Yes, the same is true for Wix websites. The generated javascript works on any platform that allows for custom html code. Just use the generator for the chosen widget and use that instead of a Wix App Market plugin.

Read the Wix docs

Is there a Shopify App available for showing football data?
Also for Shopify the js snippet generated will work. Just copy paste it into a html part of the website.

Read the Shopify docs