Football Nation bot
for Discord

Why do I need the Football Nation bot?

Live football notifications
(match start, half-time, goal, var events)
Organize prediction games
📡 Live notifications The football bot sends live notifications during your favorite football leagues and teams matches. Match starts, half time notices, goal events and even var decisions.
🚀 Fast updates We put a lot of effort in making the bot really fast for you. This way you and your friends are the first ones to know when a goal is scored.
😎 Boost fun The live football bot is really fun to add to your server. Especially in servers with football fans from different teams and countries. Guess scores, make conversation and talk trash (keep it respectful).
99% uptime
100+ leagues and cups
4.6 ⭐ on
30.000+ servers

Join 30.000+ Discord servers using the Football Nation bot

Just start using the bot and track your favorite teams, leagues and cups. For free.

What makes our football bot the best?

Leagues & cups 🏆

Live notifications from the most popular football leagues and cups

The Football Nation bot live tracks matches from the most popular football leagues and cups in Europe and the rest of the world. You can add the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, Euro 2024, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and many more. Add them all in one Discord channel or just follow the live scores accross multiple channels, with each channel receiving the live events for a football cup, league or team. It's up to you!
Fast updates 🚀

Receive updates within the minute

The bot is insanely fast at sending out the notifications to all the Discord servers that it's part of. Most of the time you and your friends will be nofitified within 30 seconds of the event happening in the football match. During big matches, like the Champions League final, we sent out more than 10.000 notifications per second.
Live football notifications
Languages 🌐

Available in multiple languages

If you prefer to receive match updates in your own language you can set the language via the /set-language slash command. Languages available are: English, German, French, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Hungarian and many more. If your language is not available you can volunteer to help translating the bot to your language.
Available languages for the bot
Lot's of releases 📅

We spend a lot of time improving the football bot

Our football bot is built using the newest technologies. This makes the bot fast, reliable and secure. We use the latest cloud technology (NVMe SSD's and fast CPU's) to deliver fast live notifications. Every week the bot is inspected for flaws and optimiziation oportunities. Most of the bot's features are built by popular demand, features are added constantly. Join our Discord support server to talk to the Football Nation support team and request new features from the developer directly.
Football bot updates

Why the Football Nation bot instead of other soccer bots?

There are other football bots available but we feel we built the best football bot for Discord. It's main requirements were that it needed to be fast and simple. As the members grew we started adding more and more featuers. Apart from receiving live score notifiations you now also are notified about when fixtures are starting, when it's half time, what cards were pulled and what decisions the VAR has made. To make it even better the Football Nation bot has a great support team helping you use the bot and maximize the experience the bot delivers.

What users say ❤️

Very useful bot if you own a football related server! I just love it<3
A great bot for any football server. Spiced mine up immediately. Looking forward to future updates Djee!
Used this bot for years, amazing. Works near flawless. Upvote.


Command Description
/helpShows this help message
/predictPredict football match outcomes with your friends
/live [team-or-league-name]Sends live scores to your Discord channel for this team or league
/live-stop [team-or-league]Stops sending live scores for given team
/live-stop-allStops sending all live scores to your Discord channel
/live-listShow a list of current live score subscriptions for your channel
/live-upcomingShow upcoming matches for your channel
/live-nowShow matches that are now live
/league-table [league-name]Shows the table (current league standing) for the chosen league
/league-streaks [league-name]Shows the streaks for the chosen league
/set-language [language]Change the language of the notifications
/doctorDetects and fixes problems with the webhook. Run when you receive no notifications!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discord football bot?
It's an automated user you can add and talk to in your Discord server. A football bot in particular can inform you about football (aka scoccer) fixtures, leagues and cups.
How can I add the bot to my server?
Simply click one of the purple invite to add buttons on this page. You will be prompted with a dialog asking you in what server you want to add it. Once it's added you can start configuring it via the available slash commands.
When do I start receiving updates for fixtures in my channels?
To start receiving notifications you first need to tell the bot what football leagues, cups or teams you want to receive notifications for. You can do this via the /live slash command. After you ran the command you can check when matches start via the /live-upcoming command. Or you can check if matches are already being played via the /live-now command.
The Football Nation bot stopped sending notifications, what do I do?
Something went wrong. Luckily you can use the /doctor command. The doctor will diagnose the problem and tell you what's wrong. If the doctor doesn't respond, make sure the bot has permission to speak in the channels you want it to.
The Football Nation user is offline. What now?
Probably there is maintenance being done by the development team. Wait until it's back or join the football bot Discord support server to stay in the loop about what's going on.
Why does the football bot create webhooks?
In order to send messages to you fast the bot creates a webhook in each channel you want to receive updates in. This is faster then sending them as a bot user.

Support for the Football Bot

If you have questions about the bot, have feature requests, have problems with the live score functionality or just want to chat about football make sure to join the Discord Football Bot support channel.

Click here for an invite