Discord Bot for World Cup 2022 in Qatar

The Football Nation bot is a live score football / soccer bot for Discord. The bot is exists over a year and is battle tested by thousands of Discord server admins. Millions of scores have been sent over recent months. This makes it the most reliable Discord bot for following the live scores of the 2022 World Cup Football in Qatar.

Easy installation

It's really easy to set up live scores for the World Cup in Discord.

Step 1 Add the bot to your server by clicking the button below.

Step 2 Run slash command
/live name:world-cup

Step 3 Show upcoming matches

Step 4 Wait for live matches and enjoy the World Cup 🙂

Youtube tutorial

If the steps above don't make sense watch this video below on Youtube. After watching the video and applying the instructions to your Discord server you will be able to set up live scores for the World Cup yourself and for other football cups and competitions as well as individual soccer teams.

After applying the tutorial you will now start receiving updates in your Discord server for all events relating the World Cup 2022 football championship.
Currently events being sent are:
- Match starts
- Half time
- Second half starts
- Goals (regular, own goals and penalties)
- VAR goal cancels
- Extra time
- Penalty shootouts

Can I get live scores for other football leagues and teams?

Yes the Football Nation bot serves live scores for more then 100 leagues and cups. You can check out the bot's main landing page.

Support for activating World Cup 2022 notifications in the Discord Football Bot

If you have trouble getting the live scores for the World Cup going you can reach out to us for help via the Football Nation support server.
You can also just join the server to talk about the World Cup or football in general.

Click here for an invite