Football prediction game for Discord

Boost interaction in your Discord football server with the Football Nation prediction game. Let your members guess the outcomes of upcoming games.

How to enable the Football Nation prediction game

To enable the Football Nation prediction game you have to convert one of your channels in your Discord servers into a prediction league. You can do this in the premium dashboard for your server. Once logged in go to "Prediction game" and create a new prediction game in one of your channels.

You can create multiple prediction leagues if you want to ... but only one per channel.

Adding matches and leagues?

If you want your members to start predicting matches you need to tell the bot what leagues, cups or teams you want your members to predict for. That's right you are not bound to one league or cup. This makes it really flexible and basically means you can have a prediction game all year round or work with seasons, you decide!

The way you add the leagues, cups or teams should be already known by you.
See the docs on adding live subscriptions.

How can users predict?

Maybe you have already noticed the /predict slash command. This returns an ephemeral message saying it is a premium feature or says there is no prediction league.

After you enable a prediction league as explained above this /predict becomes active. Allowing your members to perform predictions for upcoming matches.

The /predict command keeps asking for predictions until there are no games left to predict for.

Users enter the expected final score for the given match, including penalties! So if a game ends in 1-1 and a penalty shootout is executed they have to include the expected shootout. For example 1-1 during regular time and a shootout that the user expects to end in 5-3 results in a prediction of 6-4 and not 1-1.

Users can't see the predictions other users makes... An admin can see all the predictions but can't change them.

Enter a prediction

How many days ahead can users predict matches?

As a server admin you are able to set the number of days your users can predict ahead of time. You have the option to set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days ahead. This setting can change in the future but currently these are the numbers of days available.

Basically the shorter the days the more often your users have to come back to your server to cast their predictions.

To make it clear when you select 1 day ahead, users can add their predictions for matches that start between 1 minute and 24 hours ahead. If you choose 7 days it's between 1 minute and 168 hours.

Once a match is started, no more predictions can be made.

How do the rankings work?

At the end of each game the bot calculates (as fast as possible) the points gained from all the predictions.

This will result in an updated ranking after each game. So as a server admin make sure you don't add too many games to do predictions for as this will continuously shift the rankings. It's way more fun if you just do a prediction game for 1 or 2 leagues instead of 20 leagues (but it is possible).

How to display a prediction game ranking?

As a server admin you decide when the prediction game rankings are shown. You can trigger the notification manually or via an automation. For example, you can create an automation that shows the ranking every sunday night at 00:00 for a weekly competition.

How many users are shown in the ranking?

All the users that participate are shown in the ranking notification with a max of 10.

The admin can choose to mention the users (ping them) or not.

If you have more than 10 users participating a link to a ranking page on the Football Nation website will be added for your prediction league, where an entire ranking will be visible with detailed stats (points, speed, most exact predictions and most correct trends).

How are points assigned?

The points system is pretty basic for now.

5 points for an exact prediction
3 points for a trend in draw (for example 2-2 but it's 1-1, ...)
2 points for a trend (for example 3-2 but it's 3-1, ...)
1 point for a trend but it's a bit off (for example 3-2 but it's 3-0 ... or 3-3 but it's 1-1 ...)
0 points for a completely wrong prediction (for example 3-2, but it's 2-3)

For now this works as we also sort on who entered the prediction first. This stimulates your members to enter their predictions asap after your calling for predictions. In larger servers there can be a lot of players with the same ranking. We will improve this vastly in the future.

Development of the prediction game

The Football Nation prediction game is actively being developed. Currently, the first version of the game is available. If you have suggestions to make this game better or want extra features you can join the Football Nation support server and talk to the developers. We will listen and add as many of your suggestions as possible.