Discord Live Score Football Bot

Footballnation has started developing a new Discord Football Bot. Not american football but european football (soccer). The bot let's you get information and live scores on the most popular European football teams, leagues and cups (and soon international cups).

Add the Footballnation bot to your Discord channel

How to use the bot in your Discord channel?

The bot is operated via the fn! prefix. You can enter this in the channel and the football bot will know you want help. The help command explains how to use all the commands.

List of available commands

fn!helpShows this help message
fn!leaguesShows a list of available leagues
fn!table league-nameShows the table (current league standing) for the chosen league
fn!live team-nameSends live scores to your Discord channel for this team
fn!live team-name stopStops sending live scores for given team
fn!live stop-allStops sending all live scores to your Discord channel
fn!live list-subsShow a list of current live score subscriptions for your channel

What leagues are supported?

You can get the table for these leagues and live scores for the teams in the following leagues:

Support for Discord Football Bot

If you have questions about the bot, have feature requests, have problems with the live score functionality or just want to chat about football make sure to join the Discord Football Bot support channel.

Click here for an invite

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Discord Live Score Football Bot