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The Jupiler Pro League is Belgium's first league series. The top league was founded in 1895 60 years after the founding of Belgium. The Belgian league is one of the oldest football leagues in Europe after the leagues of Great Britain. On mainland Europe the oldest league.

In the past, the league was known by other names. "Coupe de Championnat", "Honorary Division", "First Division", "Paid Football 1A" and the current name since 2017 "Professional Football 1A". The series has had only two sponsors. The French carmaker Peugeot and, since the 1998 season, Belgian beer brand Jupiler. Hence the current name, the Jupiler Pro League.

The most dominant clubs in this series are Anderlecht and Club Brugge. Anderlecht with 34 national titles and Club Brugge with 17 titles. Every clash between these 2 clubs is therefore a spectacle every time in Belgium. If not on the pitch, then off it.

Teams from the first division are relegated to Belgium's second division, 1B.

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What is the Jupiler Pro League?
The Jupiler Pro League is a Belgian football league played with 16 football clubs. After seasonal rounds and a play-off system, we find out the champion.

When did the Jupiler Pro League start?
The Jupiler Pro League was started in 1895. The format then was very different. For instance, the first season, 1895-1896 was played with only 7 football clubs of which 4 were from Brussels.

How has this football league evolved over the years?
The opening season of the competition, known until 1900 as the "Coupe de Championnat", consisted of 7 football clubs and was won in season 1895-1896 by FC Liégeois (still exists and now plays in the Belgian First National).

The first version of the competition did not really have a system. There were four clubs from Brussels. In season 1898-1899, a new series was created by the UBSSA with clubs from East and West Flanders. The winner of this series played separately from the original series. The Flemish winner then played with the winner of the original series for the national title. 

How many games are played in the Pro League?
Just like last season, a total of 330 matches will be played in Professional Football 1A (the official name of the Jupiler Pro League) this year.

How often does Football Nation update the JPL table?
The table is updated every 6 hours. That means at midnight 00:00, in the morning at 06:00, at noon at 12:00 and then the last time at 18:00.

So if you want to know the standings in the table, you should come and check the new table for your favourite Belgian club about 5 minutes after these updates. The statistics in the table will also be updated at that time, by the way.


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