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Club Brugge FC is a football club from Belgium. The club was founded in 1891 and thus exists for 132 years. Club Brugge FC mainly plays in its home stadium Jan Breydelstadion in Brugge. We are keeping track of the match results for this club since 2019-07-27.

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More about Club Brugge FC

Club Brugge is a top first division club in Belgium. Founded in 1891, the club has been around for more than 125 years. Bruges carries as its registration number 3.

Club Brugge is a team to be reckoned with. For instance, they are on a superb run in the 2021 Champions League. They played equal against favourites PSG and beat German first division side RB Leipzig 1-2.

Trophy cabinet & football classic

In the Jupiler Pro League, the classic between Club Brugge and RSC Anderlecht takes place every year. Both have a whole series of league titles to their name. Club have won 17 times, but Anderlecht do better: they have twice as many titles. 34! In recent years, however, Brugge have been champions almost consecutively. FCB, for example, has a golden championship star. Such a star means that a team has at least 10 national titles to its credit.

In the Belgian Cup (currently known as the Croky Cup) they are not doing badly either. They were crowned Cup Champions of Belgium 11 times. They reached the final 19 times, winning 11 times. The Belgian Super Cup has been won by Club Brugge 16 times, the last time being in 2021. In the tournament systems, Brugge is clearly better than Anderlecht who only got to take home the cup 9 times and win the Supercup only 13 times.


The matches played by Club Brugge at home are played at the Jan Breydel Stadium. This stadium is shared with city rival Cercle Brugge. Plans for a new stadium were approved on 6 October. More on this later no doubt.

Practice complex

Since 17 June 2019, Club Brugge has owned a brand new training complex. The training complex is located in Westkapelle and bears the nameplate the Belfius Basecamp. The name was announced in 2018 by Belfius and the club itself. The complex is highly equipped. For example, outside there are four practice pitches, one of which has a covered stand, an indoor artificial grass pitch, a modern equipped gym, 37 bedrooms, a press room and lots of workstations for the staff and administrative personnel. This building will undoubtedly ensure that both performance and morale remain top notch, both among staff and the players themselves.


The team's nicknames are Blue-White, FCB, THE Club or the Farmers. The term Boeren is sometimes used insultingly by supporters of other Belgian clubs, but on 28 April 2021 Club Brugge launched their own character "De Boer". They thus positively identify with the hard-working down-to-earth farmer who is used to adapting to new situations.

Supporters' song

FCB has supporters all over Belgium. Those supporters naturally have ways of boosting the atmosphere at the Jan Breydel Stadium. Both the supporters have songs to sing and the Brugge players themselves.

Club Brugge's supporters' songs on BrugesFans1891's Youtube page:

Club Brugge's champions song:

Garry Hagger released Brugge Kampioen in 1996 in honour of Club Brugge's 1996 national title:


One of the most famous legends at the club is Timmy Simons. Click on his name to find out more about Simons. Simons broke the record of oldest field player in Belgium's top division at Club Brugge. That record was first held by another Bruges player named Charles Cambier. The record of oldest footballer tout court still stands in the name of Mile Svilar's father, Ratko Svilar. Ratko played at Antwerp until the age of 44.

The all-time top shooter at Club Brugge for the first division remains Robert Špehar for now. He scored 26 goals in the league and within the club this remains the best performance in terms of number of goals scored within a season. Špehar pulled off this stunt in the 1996 / 1997 season. This Croatian striker played 3 seasons for Club Brugge and became national champion and cup winner of Belgium with Club in the 1996 season. After his career in Brugge, Robert Špehar played at a few other clubs such as Galatasaray. In season 2004 / 2005, Robert played his last game at Cypriot club Omonia Nicosia before retiring.

Within Club Brugge, however, it is another legend who had some serious goals to his credit. We are talking about Raoul Lambert. He could score the most goals in a season 10 times compared to his teammates. In season 1971 / 1972, he even became top marksman in the first division. For Club Brugge fans, Lambert is the best Bruges player ever. He has always played for Club Brugge and scored no less than 216 times during 373 matches. He became Belgian champion 5 times and was able to capture the Cup of Belgium 3 times during his playing career. He played his last game for Brugge on 11 May 1980. A true figurehead for the club.

Football results

We have been keeping track of Club Brugge football results since 27 July 2019. The results are shown live on the website. Both the club's results in the Jupiler Pro League and European matches (Champions League). The Cup of Belgium is partly followed live, and more specifically the last 16 of the cup. The results of preliminary rounds of the Cup of Belgium are available, but not live. You can follow this team's results via our livescore Discord app via the command: fn!live club-brugge.


Club Brugge also wants to be present in digital football. The club is doing this by investing in its own eSports team. But the club is not just limiting itself to playing digital sports. It has chosen to set up an additional team for the CS:GO game (Counter-strike: Global Offensive). And eClub Brugge was already successful. They were able to win the betFirst Elite Series with CS:GO.

You can follow Club Brugge's eSports team on social media on Twitter and Instagram. If you prefer to watch virtual Bruges' duels, you can do so on eClub's Twitch.


In early 2021, it was announced through the press that Club Brugge would go public. Shares were going to be sold with the aim of getting an expanded shareholder base. The majority of the shares would remain in the hands of Grizzly Sports, a company owned by chairman Bart Verhaeghe.

A little later, it was announced that Bruges would not go public after all due to market conditions at the time. Chairman Verhaeghe did make it clear that this was a postponement. Club Brugge could still go public later.